Brisbane Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti wrinkle injections from a dentist? Absolutely!

You might be surprised to learn that there are very good reasons to get anti wrinkle treatment from our qualified Brisbane dentists.

Cosmetic anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are the ideal complement to our cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as teeth whiteningdental veneers, or Invisalign. In addition to a beautiful new smile, we can now enhance your overall facial aesthetics too.

Unlike some cosmetic injectables providers, our dentists have had extensive education in facial physiology, including its nerves, muscles, and vascular system. It makes Wickham Terrace Dental the obvious choice for injecting cosmetic muscle relaxants.

How muscle relaxants reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Anti wrinkle treatments work by relaxing the facial muscles, to smooth out lines and wrinkles and give you a younger, rejuvenated appearance. The muscle relaxant injections are delivered precisely to where they’re needed, using a very thin needle.

In just one hour, we can treat crow’s feet, frown lines, or horizontal lines with cosmetic injectable treatments in our comfortable Brisbane dental practice. You can even visit us for cosmetic injectable treatment in your lunchtime, and return to your normal working day afterwards.

Treatment of Crow’s Feet

The wrinkles at the sides of your eyes, called crow’s feet, develop over time as your muscles move when you smile or laugh. Many of our patients feel they look older and more tired thanks to these eye wrinkles.

Dr Nicholas Yee can treat your crow’s feet using muscle relaxants, which soften existing wrinkles and also help to prevent new wrinkles forming. The end result is that your eye area looks younger and more rejuvenated, thanks to this anti-aging treatment.

You will notice your crow’s feet wrinkles are less prominent within about 10 days, although your face will be noticeably smoother after just a few days. Your crow’s feet treatment results usually last about 3 to 4 months before needing additional treatment.

Treatment of Frown Lines

If you’re like many of our patients who feel that frown lines make them look sad or angry, you may benefit from frown line treatment in our Brisbane dental practice. Deep, vertical frown lines between your eyebrows are ideal for treatment with muscle relaxants.

Using muscle relaxant injections, we help your underlying muscle to contract less, smoothing out the deep frown line creases between your eyebrows. Your frown lines will become smoother within about a week, and should even be less noticeable within just a couple of days.

The results from your frown line treatment will usually last about 3 to 6 months, before your muscles regain their ability to contract and frown lines reappear. We suggest you schedule regular injection appointments with Wickham Terrace Dental to guard against the return of frown lines.

Treatment of Horizontal Lines

Repeated muscle movements, such as raising your eyebrows, can cause deep horizontal forehead lines to form over time. Anti wrinkle treatment can help your forehead’s underlying muscles to relax, smoothing out these lines and giving you a more youthful appearance.

Because your forehead takes up about a third of your face, cosmetic injectable treatment can have a big effect on your appearance.

You’ll notice your horizontal forehead lines becoming smoother over about ten days following your muscle relaxant treatment. After about 3 to 4 months, the effects of cosmetic injectables will wear off, and you can return to Wickham Terrace Dental for further anti aging treatment.

Treatment of Gummy Smiles

At our CBD dental practice we frequently provide patients with orthodontics or dental veneers on their front teeth to enhance their smiles. But while these procedures will give you beautifully aligned, white and sculpted teeth, your soft tissue will often let you down by exposing too much of your gums when you smile.

A simple pair of muscle relaxant injections can remedy this issue in just a few days, and minimise the need for expensive gum reshaping surgery.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding/Clenching

Busy times at work? Exams coming up? Teeth grinding (or bruxism) is usually a by-product of the stress of our modern lives. If left untreated, bruxism can cause devastating problems like worn, short teeth, or even tooth loss from deep cracks. While the traditional treatment usually involves a hard plastic bite-guard to wear at night, you may find you cannot tolerate wearing one, or that you simply forget to wear your bite-guard.

Muscle relaxant injections are a great adjunct to traditional treatments. They can relieve sore, grinding jaws by treating them at the source. Once your muscles are relaxed, your jaw will have time to recover and your teeth will last longer with less ongoing stress.

Treatment for Square-Looking Lower Faces

Many ladies, especially those with an East-Asian background, have very slender jaw bones but very large jaw muscles that will create a square-looking appearance for the lower face.

A series of muscle relaxant injections can smooth the profile of the lower face for certain patients over a period of months, leading to a much more triangular, youthful looking chin and lower jaw profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my anti wrinkle treatment last?

Results from your Brisbane anti wrinkle injections will depend entirely on your lifestyle choices and daily activities. We encourage you to visit Wickham Terrace Dental for a consultation to discuss the likely duration of these cosmetic treatments for your circumstances.

Am I a candidate for anti wrinkle treatment?

Dr Nicholas Yee can administer cosmetic injectables for anyone over the age of sixteen. Provided you are not pregnant, or suffering from any nervous diseases such as multiple sclerosis, almost anyone can reap the benefits of a more youthful appearance from anti wrinkle injections.

When will I start to see anti wrinkle results?

You should expect to see results from your anti wrinkle injections around 2 to 3 days after your procedure. You should see the maximum results around 7 to 10 days after your cosmetic injectable treatment.

Does anti wrinkle treatment hurt?

Only you can answer this question – but we’re confident you won’t have any problems with pain from anti wrinkle injections. Most of our patients describe the feeling of anti aging treatment as a fleeting sensation similar to an eyebrow hair getting plucked.

How much does anti wrinkle treatment cost per unit?

Cosmetic injectables from Wickham Terrace Dental cost $3.50 per unit. The number of units you will need depends on your individual situation, the area treated, and your desired results. Please contact the Wickham Terrace Dental team to find out more.

What are some possible risks and complications of anti wrinkle treatment?

After your treatment for crow’s feet, frown lines, or horizontal lines, you may experience some minor side effects. Swelling, minor tenderness, and redness may occur, and you may also notice some bruising at the site of the injection which can be concealed with makeup.

To prevent the muscle relaxant from affecting surrounding areas, you should avoid lying down for 4 hours after your treatment, and do not touch the treated area for at least 12 hours. Serious complications following anti wrinkle treatment are rare.