Dental Bridges Brisbane

If you’ve been living with missing teeth, a dental bridge may be your ideal path back to a healthy, complete smile.

As their name suggests, dental bridges literally span the gap left by one or more missing teeth, using your neighbouring teeth either side as support.

At Wickham Terrace Dental we can custom make natural-looking dental bridges in our Brisbane on-site laboratory, to restore your smile and give you renewed self-confidence.

Why replace missing teeth?

It’s quite common that people who have been missing teeth for some time, often experience further problems with their oral health.

We like to explain this effect using the metaphor of a bookcase. Imagine taking one or more books out of the middle of a crowded bookshelf. You can easily visualise that the books left on the shelf either side will soon slump towards each other, since they’re lacking the support of the missing book.

This is the same scenario which can occur if you’ve been missing teeth for a long time. Your neighbouring teeth can easily become misaligned, and eventually your jaw bone will begin to deteriorate, causing other serious problems. Food can also become trapped in this gap, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

These are all great reasons why you should investigate your options for replacing missing teeth with Wickham Terrace Dental.

Your dental bridge procedure

The Wickham Terrace Dental team can replace one or more missing teeth with a custom-made restoration from our on-site Brisbane dental laboratory.

We use your adjacent teeth as the foundation for the bridge, by shaping them and capping them with crowns. Your new replacement tooth is attached between these crowns to form one solid dental bridge.

The entire new restoration is then securely cemented to your teeth, and you can again enjoy an attractive complete smile and an improved ability to speak and chew. With good oral hygiene, your new bridge will enhance your smile for years to come.

My patient hated wearing her denture due to the metal clasps and poor fit. She rarely smiled due to her lack of confidence with missing teeth. The most rewarding aspect of this case was the joy and confidence I could give back to the patient so that she could smile confidently again at her daughter’s wedding.

- Dr Chau Tang

Custom-made dental bridges from our on-site laboratory

With the help of our advanced CEREC technology, in most cases we can create your dental bridge on-site at Wickham Terrace Dental, in just one appointment.

The CEREC software takes a detailed 3D image of your teeth, which we use to guide our computerised milling machine as it precisely creates your dental bridge from a single block of porcelain. By the time your dentist has prepared your adjoining teeth for their anchoring crowns, your bridge is finished and ready to be placed.

The speed of this dental bridge procedure means there’s no need for you to wear a temporary crown for up to two weeks while your bridge is created off-site. In no time at all, you can once again enjoy the feeling of showing off a complete, beautiful smile.

Find out whether a dental bridge is right for you

Even though dental bridges are a solid and effective tooth restoration, there may be another treatment option which is an even better fit for your situation. For example, we can evaluate replacing your teeth with dental bridges vs dental implants; or together we might decide that dentures are a more appropriate solution for your needs.

Collectively the Wickham Terrace Dental team can draw on over 20 years of experience in assessing our patients’ situations and providing the right treatment option for their needs. Contact Dr Andrew Teakle and the Wickham Terrace Dental Brisbane team today to book your personal consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dental crown?

Made from porcelain, metal, or a combination of both, a dental crown can restore a tooth which is badly decayed, cracked, or damaged. The dental crown is custom-made and fitted to completely cover or cap the damaged tooth, restoring its natural appearance and function.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are custom-made teeth restorations that literally bridge the gap left by one or more missing teeth. Bridges are permanently fixed in place by being securely attached via crowns to the neighbouring teeth either side of the gap, which must be shaped to accept the crowns.

How much do dental bridges cost?

The cost of your dental bridge procedure will depend on factors such as the number of teeth you are missing, the type of bridge you and your dentist opt for, and whether we can create your new bridge with our in-house CEREC machine. To find out whether a bridge can help you, and to get an accurate assessment of your treatment cost, please book a consultation with Wickham Terrace Dental today.

What alternatives to dental bridges are there?

If you’d prefer a treatment which doesn’t need your adjacent teeth to be modified, dental implants could be an alternative way to restore your smile. The Wickham Terrace Dental Brisbane team can place dental implants to restore one, several, or all of your teeth.