Digital Smile Design

How we use the latest technology to create the smile you’ve dreamed of

If you’ve ever thought that your smile could do with some TLC, our Digital Smile Design service could be just what you’re looking for.

With Digital Smile Design we look at the relationship between your teeth, gums, lips and other features to determine their ideal look and function. We then use advanced digital technology to plan your treatment virtually.

People come to us wanting smile design for many different reasons. For example, perhaps you’d like to change the way your teeth and gums look; or you’ve simply always wanted the confidence to smile. Or maybe you look fondly at your wedding photos and think to yourself, “Now that’s how I’d like my smile to look again.”

Thanks to Digital Smile Design, we can precisely plan your smile, and importantly, show you what your teeth and smile will look like after your treatment before we even begin.

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What are the qualities of an “ideal smile”?

A so-called “ideal smile” is one that sticks to some fundamental aesthetic principles:

  • The amount of tooth & gum structure shown when you smile naturally
  • The position of the biting edge of your front teeth (this determines the ‘length’ of your tooth on display)
  • The aesthetic ratios of length to width of a tooth
  • Roughly speaking, that your smile reflects the “golden proportion” which governs how we aesthetics
  • Many other factors – such as the shape, position, and amount of lip displayed

If that all sounds rather complicated and hard to visualise, don’t worry. The beauty of digital smile design with Wickham Terrace Dental is that we can show you exactly what these principles mean when we’re planning your individual smile.

Before we even touch your teeth we’ll gather detailed information that lets both you and us see exactly what’s going on in your mouth; what we want to change; and how your smile will look when we’re done.

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How we use digital technology to plan your perfect smile

Using digital photography and specialised smile design software lets us very quickly and easily assess the current state of your smile, and then plan the treatments needed to deliver the result you’re looking for.

What’s more, it makes communication between you and our team so much more straightforward! You’ll be able to see our proposed finished result before we begin work, so that you can feed back and let us know what you think. It will give you the ultimate confidence about your cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Not only that, we use the detailed information we gather to let our whole team – and even external providers if needed – see the exact plan for your mouth and smile.

You can just imagine how much quicker, cheaper, and simply better this technology makes the smile design process! 

What can Digital Smile Design be used for?

As you can imagine, the Smile Design process is a powerful way for us to pre-plan for many different dental treatments. We can use it to help plan for:

Because we can “pre-visualise” the outcome we’re looking for, it allows us to be much more conservative when we’re preparing your teeth. We can precisely remove only what’s necessary for the ideal result – in some cases, avoiding the need for grinding or preparation of the tooth altogether.

Digital Smile Design gives us the in-house technology that’s needed to very accurately design and plan for your ideal smile. It will give you the confidence of knowing just how we’ll achieve a result you’ll be delighted with.

Find out how Digital Smile Design could give you your ideal smile

To see how Digital Smile Design could work for you, book your consultation with Wickham Terrace Dental today. We’ll talk you through your smile design options, including the amount of time your treatment is likely to take, the steps involved, and an indicative cost.

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Frequently asked questions

How should I prepare for my first Digital Smile Design consultation?

We’ll be designing your new smile around you and your personal goals – so the only thing we really need you to bring to your consultation is you!

However, you might like to think about the kind of smile you want before you meet us, or perhaps you have some old photos of yourself that you’d like to share, to illustrate what you’re looking for.

But if you’re not sure exactly what kind of smile you’d like, that’s where we can help! We’ll be happy to work with you to create your perfect smile.

Is the smile design process painful?

No, you won’t experience any pain with your Digital Smile Design consultation. It’s really more of a photoshoot than a traditional dental appointment!

You can relax as we capture multiple digital photographs of your teeth from various angles, take some digital x-rays, and upload all your info to our smile design software. There are no drills or injections involved at your first consultation!

Is Digital Smile Design expensive?

This is a difficult question to answer, because your treatment plan will be as personalised as your smile. What we can say is that Digital Smile Design will give you the most cost-effective treatment plan possible, thanks to the efficiency it brings to the planning process.

Once we’ve gathered the information and planned your treatments, we’ll be happy to give you a clearer picture of the costs involved, along with how your teeth will look and work at the end of the process.

What if I don’t like the way my teeth look in the initial mockup?

That’s the real beauty of Digital Smile Design – if you’re not completely happy with the mockup, we can so easily change things until you are happy! The specialised software lets Dr Teakle and the team design a variety of tooth restoration outcomes, before we start work. This flexibility allows us to  understand what you’re really looking for and plan your perfect end result.