White Fillings

White, tooth coloured fillings in Brisbane – get a beautiful smile today

At Wickham Terrace Dental located in Brisbane’s CBD, we utilise a contemporary filling material that is far more effective than traditional amalgam (silver fillings).

Our innovative white tooth coloured filling material is 100% free from mercury, and can be colour matched to the exact shade, texture and translucency of your natural tooth enamel. As a highly durable material, this type of white filling does not expand or contract to temperature changes within the mouth, and completely protects your damaged tooth from further decay.

Why choose white fillings?

Traditional amalgam fillings are unsightly, ineffective and potentially unhealthy.

Also referred to as “metal” or “silver” fillings, amalgam is comprised of an alloy containing around 50% mercury (one of the most toxic elements found on the periodic table). Although this type of filling has been utilised for over a hundred years, we do not offer this treatment at our Brisbane CBD practice.

The disadvantages of amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings release mercury vapours into the mouth when chewing. Whilst the medical community is divided over whether this presents a great health risk, amalgam material is hazardous to the environment and has been banned by environmentally conscious countries such as Sweden and Norway.

This type of filling material expands and contracts in response to temperature changes within the mouth, which can cause your natural tooth structure to split and crack.

Amalgam fillings are simply packed into the void created by decay, and as they do not form a complete seal decay can continue to develop underneath the filling.

This type of filling material is dark metallic in colour and does not blend with the shade, texture and translucent properties of your natural tooth enamel. Furthermore amalgam can also permanently stain your natural tooth structure.

We believe that white fillings are much healthier and safer – which is why we exclusively provide them to patients who visit Wickham Terrace Dental’s Brisbane practice.

To discover more about our healthy, beautiful and highly functional white fillings, or to arrange an appointment at our Brisbane CBD dentist, please contact us.