Myobrace early interceptive appliances

Straighten your child’s teeth and jaws without braces

It’s often quoted that as many as 3 out of 4 Australian children are living with crowded teeth and incorrectly developing jaws. So if you’re concerned that your child’s developing teeth or jaws are showing signs of alignment problems, it’s worth looking at early treatment with the Myobrace system from Wickham Terrace Dental.

While orthodontic treatment with braces is still the best way to straighten teeth, it doesn’t address the underlying causes. The Myobrace system is different.

Myobrace works to neutralise the underlying causes of orthodontic problems, helping your kids’ growing jaw and teeth develop correctly – all without the need for braces.

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Crooked teeth are just symptoms that your child’s jaws aren’t developing to their genetic potential. Apart from the obvious effect on their facial beauty and potential teasing in the playground, the hidden problems are much more serious.

Crooked teeth are very often associated with poor quality sleep (snoring, restlessness and sleep-disordered breathing), which has been demonstrated to have a strong association with cognitive impairment (making it harder in school), behavioural and emotional problems (hyperactivity, anxiety and aggressiveness) and long-term health problems (sleep apnoea and cardiovascular diseases).

What’s the real cause of your child’s crooked teeth?

Though you might think that crowded teeth and other orthodontic problems are simply caused by “genetics”, the truth is more complex.

Studies now show that “incorrect myofunctional habits” – which include thumb sucking, mouth breathing, reverse swallowing or tongue thrusting – are often the true culprits behind incorrect jaw development and misaligned teeth.

Simply treating the symptoms of crooked teeth with braces (and possible tooth extractions) won’t address these underlying causes of your children’s crooked teeth. That means that once their braces are removed, their teeth can become misaligned again. It is now standard treatment to bond wire to the straightened teeth or make plastic retainers to minimise the risk of this otherwise inevitable progression.

Myobrace takes a different approach, treating the underlying causes of your child’s crooked teeth to correct their bite, help your child’s jaw develop correctly, and improve the poor habits that cause it. So, while straighter teeth are a wonderful side-effect of Myobrace therapy, the effects are far more substantial: proper facial development, improved quality sleep, and a reduced risk of airway, cognitive and behavioural problems.

How early treatment can avoid the need for braces

Myobrace uses a series of removable dental appliances and muscle-training exercises to straighten your child’s teeth and jaws without braces. It does this in two ways: firstly by ‘teaching’ your child’s tongue to sit in the correct position, improving their swallowing patterns and encouraging them to breathe through their nose normally.

Secondly, the Myobrace system also applies light forces to your kid’s crooked teeth, helping to straighten them, create a wider jaw, and improve their facial development.

Wearing the Myobrace for just 1 to 2 hours each day and overnight while they sleep, will help straighten your child’s teeth, improve their facial development, and give them a healthier smile. This is combined with simple breathing and muscle-training exercises of just a few minutes, twice a day.

Thanks to the Myobrace appliance, your child’s need for braces will be greatly reduced, and teeth extractions generally won’t be needed.

Talk to us to find out if Myobrace is right for your child

Wickham Terrace Dental is a Certified Myobrace Provider. We are fully qualified to perform an early orthodontic assessment for your children, and discover whether Myobrace could give them straighter teeth without needing braces.

For more information on how Myobrace could help your child, contact the friendly Wickham Terrace Dental Brisbane team today on 07 3831 3031.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best age to begin Myobrace treatment?

The best time to begin your kids’ Myobrace treatment is while they’re still growing, at about the time their first adult teeth appear at six to ten years old. We can also start treatment earlier if we discover bad myofunctional habits at an younger age.

While we also treat older children (aged over 15), the habits and problems causing their crooked teeth will often be a little more difficult to correct at this later stage. We will sometimes have to combine conventional braces with Myobrace therapy.

What causes crooked teeth in children?

Some of your child’s habits (called “incorrect myofunctional habits”) such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and reverse swallowing, can cause problems with tooth alignment and jaw development. Altering these habits and treating these problems early with Myobrace can help avoid the need for braces or tooth extractions in the future.

How does Myobrace treatment work?

Myobrace appliances work in two ways: by correcting the habits that cause poor dental development, while also applying light force to the teeth to align them into their correct position. There are usually no braces needed, and your child wears the Myobrace appliance for just an hour or two each day.

How much does Myobrace treatment cost?

The cost of your child’s Myobrace treatment will depend on a few factors, including the number of appointments needed; how well they wear their Myobrace appliance; and how quickly they respond to treatment. Also, Myobrace treatment will generally cost less when started earlier. Talk to the Wickham Terrace Dental team for more information about Myobrace treatment prices.

Is Myobrace treatment painful?

No, Myobrace treatment shouldn’t hurt. Your child may feel a small amount of sensitivity for a few days, but this usually passes quickly.